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June 2022 Update

With the latest parking consultation for Hollingdean now complete we reached out to council officials in the 'Parking Design & Implementation' team for comment. Although a significant amount of analysis is yet to be undertaken, and no official results will be published for some time, they were able to comment that results appeared to be 'significantly in favour' of a scheme within Hollingdean.

This means that work to design a suitable scheme has begun, and which will be presented and considered at the next Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee on 20th September. Full results will be available on the council committee page approximately a week prior to the committee meeting.

Whilst it is not possible to draw further conclusions at this time, it seems extremely likely that we may see (at least in part) the introduction of controlled resident parking in the following months.

It is important to remember that Hollingdean is a large and diverse ward within Brighton. Parking has been a contentious issue here for many years; areas of Hollingdean that border existing parking control schemes in Fiveways and Lewes Road in particular have been outspoken on the issue for many years. Conversely, areas of Hollingdean further North and East (and in particular in the estate itself) have seen very little problems.

This has historically lead to a significant split in residents who are desperate for, and who are strongly against, controlled parking within their area.

We expect the council to treat the results of this consultation on a more granular level than seen previously. Rather than introducing (or not introducing) permits across the ward, this would potentially mean new schemes on streets or local areas where support is highest (mainly to the South of Hollingbury Place, and to the West of Hollingdean Terrace), and perhaps not where support has proven to be lower.

We feel that this would be a fair solution to a democratic process. However, it would also likely mean further displacement of non-resident parking into areas of Hollingdean (and surrounding) where parking remained uncontrolled.

We wait to hear more from the council in the coming weeks.

Have you received a flyer putatively from us through your letterbox or under your windscreen wiper?

To avoid any doubt: these are not from One Hollingdean, we do not, and have never, used door-to-door marketing in this fashion. Moreoever, we do not agree with, nor support the contents of these leaflets.

As far as we have been able to tell, these flyers originate from a group which includes local school teachers and parents - most of whom are not residents of Hollingdean. They do not appear to have local interest at heart, but these are people who benefit from being able to park on our streets for free: to store their second and third cars here, store their works vehicles and campervans, and use Hollingdean as a stepping point in their commute into the city.

As a local, resident-led campaign, we strongly support the introduction of restricted residents parking within our neighbourhoods, under certain considerations.

Overall, introducing residents parking in Hollingdean will significantly improve the quality of life for our residents whilst removing the huge numbers of non-resident vehicles currently taking advantage of the area.

This will reduce traffic, reduce pollution (both air and noise), and it will make our roads safer.